The Tipu Sultan Project

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The Tipu Sultan Project, is a project of the Academy of Young Researchers & Scholars (GreySys Foundation), Lahore, established with the aim to scientifically study and research the period & policies concerning  Hyder Ali  and Fateh Ali Tipu Sultan Shaheed, the greatest freedom fighters and warrior-rulers of Saltanant e Khudada e Mysore (Indian Subcontinent). The project is under the mentor-ship of a descendant of one of the Sipah Salars of Sultan Shaheed. The project is launched on 4th May 2016 at the 217th death anniversary of the martyr.

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Did you know Tipu Sultan funded American War of Independence?

Did you know Tipu Sultan funded Americans during their struggle for Independence from the British colonialists? He also sent a letter to Mr. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of US, along with monetary contributions, in response to Americans’ advertisement in a French newspaper for funding.

He writes, “every blow that is struck in the cause of American liberty throughout the world, in France, India, and elsewhere and so long as a single insolent savage tyrant remains the struggle shall continue.”